Precious data?

Leave it with us

You value security, flexibility and sustainability, and guess what? Us too. Our data centres are custom-built. Every element is designed so we can treat the data that sits at the core of your customers’ businesses as carefully as our own.

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It’s what works
for your business

Just like you wouldn’t park your Maserati on the street, or leave your precious Mini unlocked, valuable data deserves care and respect. The data that drives your company - and your end-customers companies – and the infrastructure that process and stores it needs more than a computer closet can offer.

Organisations invest capital in critical IT equipment (regardless of make or model), which must be 100% protected and secured. But, on the flip side, their customers expect those systems and applications and always be available.

The good news is that with NEXTDC, you have options. With us, it’s not all or nothing. It’s what works for your business. Whether that’s starting small, with room to grow, or moving an entire production environment.

We value what you value, so when you partner with us, you can be confident you’ve parked your customers’ hardware in exactly the right place.

So, let’s talk

As we mentioned, a computer closet doesn’t cut it when securing, optimising, and extracting maximum value from mission-critical IT assets. It’s not temperature controlled, secure, or fit for purpose - other than perhaps storing stationery.

A computer closet also doesn’t come with 24/7 specialist engineers, dedicated and in-house employed security teams and processes, customer assistance and automated access. Nor does it come self-provisioned with native access to a highly interconnected digital services ecosystem that delivers the lowest latency and closest proximity to the services that drive your business forward.

Regardless of the brand, shape, or size of your physical IT footprint, we’re flexible. We build our solutions to wrap around your environment and specific needs.

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The advantage
of 100% uptime

Nothing is more critical than your customers’ brand, reputation, and ability to serve their customers faultlessly.

We get the always-on nature of digital businesses, the critical need for immediacy, and being available and accessible to customers 100% of the time. But, in today’s digital landscape, 99% isn’t good enough. NEXTDC is the only data centre provider in the country who is independently verified and certified to deliver your business a 100% uptime guarantee.

Our commitment to going the extra mile to support this new ‘non-negotiable’ aspect of modern digital business, extends to building and operating Australia’s only network of completely fault-tolerant, Tier IV data centres.

Once your customers experience the NEXTDC difference, you’re assured of their long-term loyalty and a recurring revenue stream. We’d like to see a computer closet do that.

What makes parking IT infrastructure at NEXTDC such great value?

When you partner with us, you get opportunities that others don’t.

For partners who proactively identify, register, and close net new colocation opportunities, we protect your deal from the moment it’s registered. When you sign up a customer for 36-48 months, you also receive rebates which you can retain as revenue or pass through as a discount.

Not to mention, we’re here to help you develop and qualify an opportunity pipeline, develop proposals, and offer hands-on sales support through customised executive briefings and data centre tours that will blow your customers’ socks off.

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Protect your deal from the moment it’s registered.

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Including customised executive briefings and data centre tours.

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Why partner with us?

We walk the
partner-first talk

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We value business growth

We’ve designed a partner program that’s all about growth and value.

We go above and beyond the average partnership model. Our role is to make your life easier. We’re here to help you find and drive sales opportunities, assist you in writing your proposals, and even get your name out there in front of new prospects and potential partners.

Learn more about our Partner Program

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Flexibility is key

Flexibility is the new black, and our solutions and our service are as flexible as they come. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to IT and finding solutions that meet every customer’s needs. Our objective is to understand what good looks like for every customer, and we work with you to make it happen.

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Certified and controlled

We invest heavily in auditing and certifying our facilities, team, and processes. Again, this is the leverage we offer you as part of the service.

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We have one planet; it’s our role to look after it.

We understand the role of IT for business, it’s the nature of our business – so believe us, we get it’s needed. But it shouldn’t come at a cost to our natural surroundings. Business can be engineered to impact the bottom line and the environment positively. We make it our business to lead the industry in sustainable business and initiatives.

Learn more about our sustainability

We value what you value

When you partner with us, you gain peace of mind that you can genuinely count on us.

Our role as your partner is to ensure you have complete assurance that your customers are in the best of hands, no matter their shape, size, or budget.

Why partner with us?

We want your
customers to be happy.

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Reputation is everything; therefore, we treat your brand like our own. Ensuring the customer remains firmly at the heart of everything is embedded in our DNA, so we go the extra mile to ensure their needs (and yours) are consistently met.

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We understand the value of data

Regardless of the size of your customer’s hardware deployment at NEXTDC (including storage, security or gateway appliances), we treat all data as equal. Data is the crown jewels of every business, and our infrastructure platform and processes are designed to protect and preserve it. We know that those assets represent a make-or-break point for their business, so we treat them with respect and industrial strength care.

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We keep them online all the time

Continuity isn’t just a fancy word here. We’ve got an entire network of experts who do nothing but ensure we’ve disaster tested every scenario your customers might face, including redundancy, natural disasters, pandemic response, and security threats. So, when it comes to quality and reliability, we can say with absolute confidence we’re the best in the business.

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We don’t scrimp on security

Security is paramount and a top priority. Our infrastructure platform is secured and monitored by 6 layers of security and an in-house team of security specialists (we don’t outsource to a security company).

We build the best processes and security protocols in the world, delivered over a federated platform. Meaning we see everything, we remove friction everywhere, but we ensure your crown jewels are locked down and protected 24/7/365.

Wherever your day takes you, we’ve got your back.

Register a deal

Protect your deal from the moment it’s registered.

Need proposal assistance?

Including customised executive briefings and data centre tours.

Book a tour or executive briefing

For your team and your customers.